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can y'all like stop with telling me moonstone looks like mettaton a. he doesnt and b. i was not looking at him for inspiration at all and c. i put like, real effort into making moonstone look good and unique?? and its not that great having your character compared to something else when you put a lot of effort into it
Spectramites | QUEST 7

  • Replying to quests is OPTIONAL
  • Please don't RP in the comments, this isn't a starter.
  • There is no time limit on quests
  • Drawing out the answers is highly encouraged, I would like to keep this group art focused (and hey, just look at it as an opportunity to improve)
  • Collabs are 100% okay!

Quest 1:

Emerald is the General of Chrimatica's military and one of the most skilled fighters known today. Prove your might to her in a sparring match!


Emerald's respect 

Quest image:

Character refs:…
my huion ended up being faulty so i have to return it to get a refund so i can buy a new one :^( which i'm not surprised about because now that i think about it the package it was in was 2x bigger than it and had ZERO VOID FILL which means it was probably clunking around in the package and getting damaged. which is really poor insight on amazon (and you bet your ass i tore them apart for the shipping survey, this thing was $700 and trust me, i worked for online order fulfillment and packing and if you can't be ASSED to put some VOID FILL TO PROTECT FRAGILE ITEMS LIKE TECHNOLOGY then you SHOULDN'T BE WORKING ON PACKING). i've been super upset and torn up about it all day since i've wanted a display tablet for YEARS and it was the saddest thing in the world to have to pack it back up and return it. i'm back on my old tablet which is a jarring change so expect my art to look like it was drawn with an etch a sketch for a short bit.
Spectramites | Emerald
Emerald is the head of the Green District and Chromatica's military!

Name: Emerald

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/Her

Color: Green

Rank: General

Height: 5'5

Abilities: Heightened strength and speed

Misc: she'll kick anyone's ass. she'll kick your ass. she'll kick your dogs ass. she'll kick her own ass. 

new quest hopefully coming tomorrow


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Check it out!! It's a species based off my AP 2-D Design portfolio focus, where I designed characters based off colors! I've always wanted to do more with this idea, but I didn't have quite enough in mind to make it a full-fledged comic series. All these court groups springing up gave me the idea to make this! 

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sometimes i visit my visitors so if u also have that widget im sorry if we get stuck in an endless loop



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